Human behaviour and cyber risk

The CyberFish Company

The CyberFish Company conducts research and delivers solutions to clients which help them to manage exposure to cyber risk resulting from human behaviour. Our Cyber Attitudes Assessment (CAA) is a pioneering on-line product that is the first psychometric assessment on a global basis to measure the personality traits and behaviours which are known to have a direct or indirect influence towards information security risk and exposure. Our wargaming simulation playbooks and bespoke exercises help organisations wider incident response teams stress test their team dynamics and improve the overall resiliency of their organisations to crisis situations.

Wargame Simulations - Rehearse your Incident Response Plans

Is your team prepared to deal with a cyber-crisis? Cybersecurity is increasingly at the centre of every business globally. Businesses are undoubtedly reliant upon digital functions for day to day activities. Alongside the many benefits emerging with this shift, also comes the cyber threat landscape which is increasingly complex and sophisticated, targeted attacks test the resilience of all businesses. Cyber exposure is now seen as inevitable and a cyber-breach is more considered ‘when’ it will occur rather than ‘if’. More importantly, how severe the consequences of a breach will be once it has occurred. It is vital that businesses are well informed about potential risks and are prepared for actions to take before, during and after an attack. The best way to assess your organisational resilience and the organisation’s capacity to deal with the crisis effectively is to undertake an incident simulation exercise. ‘‘80% of data breaches are down to human error’’ The consequences of a cybersecurity attack can be costly both to reputation and finances. Disruption of systems, downtime and lost productivity costs attributable to cyber incidents have an average cost of £25,000 for a single data breach.

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Cyber Attitudes Assessment (CAA)

Personality traits and behaviours can have a direct or indirect influence on attitudes towards information security risk and exposure. Unfortunately, a large percentage of information security breaches and data leaks are caused by human error. Sometimes, the intention to comply with security policy in itself is not enough. Certain choices we make and preferences or behaviours we have can lead to a vigilant behaviour on-line. Other habits may expose us to be manipulated, exposed, or simply prone to committing mistakes that can have a detrimental effect to our safe on-line presence. In many cases mistakes may even lead to a violation of security policy and principles. Practicing positive on-line behaviours is key in establishing a healthy information security culture. Maintaining your cyber hygiene is required at work, but also in your personal life, to help you and your family stay safe on-line. The CAA helps you challenge erratic habitual behaviours and highlights where you need to focus your attention to become champion of a specific behaviour.

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