Digital Behaviour Assessments

The CyberFish Company is driven by the shared purpose of securing our digital future. We design solutions that increase users’ digital behaviour intelligence. By providing actionable intelligence to enterprise risk management we pro-actively address vulnerabilities that can lead to digital exposure. For example, these can be users’ individual blind-spots or glitches in high-risk team dynamics. We consider these gaps system vulnerabilities. By defining, prioritising and assessing the specific instances that lead individuals to digital error we are able to address the vulnerabilities of digital systems that are prone to (often inadvertent) error. When these risk behaviours have been identified (scan) and addressed with targeted personal feedback (patch) and active role-playing (hardening), CISO’s are able to mitigate the human risk directly. As a result we contribute to shaping a smarter and more effective society of users, contributing to thriving digital environments.