Wargame Simulations - Rehearse your Incident Response Plans

Join our interactive workshop where you will work in teams to undertake a bespoke cyber incident scenario activity aimed to help you experiment and identify your ability to cope with mission critical situations both from a technical and behavioural perspective.  

Doing exercises, getting the wider incident response team around the table and simulate scenarios typical to your industry and threat will help you understand where blind spots and gaps are in your team.  

The teamwork will be assisted by technical cyber security and behavioural experts who understand the best demonstrated practice and decision making milestones for data breach incidents. 

Our interactive exercises help your team to:
• Test the effectiveness and functioning of the wider incident response teams in case of a crisis situation
• Assess the capacity of the team to provide appropriate situational awareness to the different stakeholders and audiences within one hour from detecting a breach
• Strengthen and develop any current areas of weakness in team dynamics, communications and decision making
• Enhance cyber and data protection awareness, readiness and team synergies in the event of an incident and/or crisis
• Develop individual development plans and corporate contingency plans for addressing crisis management