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CyberFish exercises 47 small businesses to prepare them for a cyber incident

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Our workshops ran as part of Newable's training programme for small business owners across various South England locations, including London, Gatwick, Southampton and Reading

As part of Newable's small business development programme, we have run cyber incident simulation events across the South of England. Small businesses have fewer resources to prepare to cyber incidents, and our events have hopefully helped participants get started in becoming crisis-ready.

What have SME owners learned from our exercise?

"It was a thought provoking event. I found the presentation very useful and informative. I really enjoyed working with others a very good reminder of different perspectives."

"I enjoyed the whole day! Significantly increased my understanding the need for cyber security and strategy."

" I enjoyed the participation in the group work the most. Procedures, ideas, urgency of the events are extremely important. It was good to update my knowledge with latest technology. The point was drive engagement during your seminar and beyond."

"The event was excellent. I had a most productive and useful time at the seminar. Thanks to all for another quality event: a very knowledgeable presenter and supportive audience."

"It is important to keep myself up with the fast changing technology, spending time with vendors is useful when looking at what is currently available and assessing market trends."

" The wargame exercise forced me to think of the issues in a real time simulated environment."

"I found it useful to being able to get situations that can happen in my workplace and solving them as best as we can. It was interesting when some people were moved during the incident to increase stress and change control of the situation."

" Even though this is not an area of expertise for me personally, but important to learn about. Thanks for making this an unexpectedly enjoyable event."

"I enjoyed the interactive activities, the phishing quiz was also fun!"

"I found the simulation exercise really useful. Whilst I love an unexpected challenge a plan is a plan and I still have not gone through it myself."

" I enjoyed the team tasks, sharing ideas and understanding how other businesses could differ. Interesting to see other perspectives and insight into something I knew little about. The exercise concentrated the mind how would I respond."

"The wargame exercise was good and well structured. As a team exercise, it allowed the group to think about an actual event and the wide scope that ‘cyber’ covers. Technology, processes, people, documentation, training. Really useful identification of websites I did not know eg. NCSC."

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