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Making Teams Crisis-Ready

The incident is playing out in a private UK water company, Amazonia Water UK (AWU), which was recently acquired by a US energy company, as part of their ‘greening’ programme.


The management of the US company don’t see water as a major part of the Group’s revenue or value... The water company has an IT estate and an OT estate. There are barriers between these estates, for security and monitoring purposes, but many years of nothing going seriously wrong has allowed some OT-side monitoring computers to have direct connections to management systems in the IT estate...

Delegates will take the role of Board members at AWU and will be making decisions responding to the technical incursion. They will have to take into account the risks to the public, health and reputation of the company, and the public’s expectations, whilst defending the business interests and reputation of their parent company...

Full Exercise: 4 hours (Facilitated)

Basic Challenges: 90 mins (Automated)


Critical National Infrastructure

Recommended Delegates

Medium to High

Technical Maturity Level

Regulatory Compliance (NIS, DWI, NIST), Cyber Security Strategy, Crisis Comms, Press Conference Practice, Decision-Making

Competencies Exercised

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