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Resilience Dojo Exercising and
Learning Programme


We offer facilitated and self-paced Exercising and Learning modules for the wider crisis management team via our Resilience Dojo Platform. 


Exercising and Learning Programme

Our ready-made scenarios were designed by risk management and organisational psychology experts and reflect on different industry  threat landscapes: for instance banking, critical national infrastructure, and production environments.

In a facilitated exercise, CyberFish facilitators will observe team dynamics and risk management decision paths taken by the team members.


In an automated exercise, you are free to play the scenario of your choice with your team and you will have access to an automated exercise summary.


Our exercises and reports can be used in conjunction with your internal crisis management exercising routine, for example, as part of ISO 27001 or 22301 audits as proof of having exercised the competencies of crisis management team members.

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MoneySafe Ransomware

This scenario focuses on the experience of MoneySafe Bank, as it is targeted by a developing malicious ransomware cyber attack. The attack impacts the investment banking branch first before spreading to the retail and corporate parts of the business.

360 - Ransomware

Trusted Feeds, a food manufacturer becomes victim of a complex ransomware attack. This scenario was designed to develop an advanced understanding of various ransomware cases, and simulate a 360-degree overview of the different strategies a business may choose to apply, and their short, medium and long-term consequences.


SafeCom 2FA Fraud

SafeCom are targeted by an advanced cyber-crime group, who managed to get access to a part of their network signalling equipment. A few local banks rely on SMS as a 2FA tool in their security processes... A challenging scenario for a more mature technical team.


There are barriers between the IT and OT estates at AWC, for security and monitoring purposes, but many years of nothing going wrong has allowed some OT-side monitoring computers to have direct connections to management systems in the IT estate, effectively breaching the firewall.

Business Meeting

AWU Supply Chain

Playing the previous AWU exercise is not prerequisite to understanding this game. This exercise challenges cross-functional business understanding, and recognition of internal team / supply chain challenges from different perspectives.

Trusted Foods Safety

Could eco-warriors manage to get access to the internal OT network of a feed producer’s mill operations, and adjust the ingredients going into organic food production? Or is an insider behind the evolving attack at Trusted Feeds? An exercise geared towards food supply chain and FMCG IR teams. 


City of Londonia Police

This scenario focuses on an APT attack against a nation-state (United Queendom, capital city Londonia). Participants will assume the role of new Head of Security Operations of the National Cyber Security Centre and will be tasked with reacting, responding, and mitigation of a series of escalating cyber and cyber-physical threats.

Our Learning Modules will arm crisis  teams members with the right skills and knowledge they need to  effectively respond to a crisis, and work together as a team.  The Resilience Dojo Learning Modules aim at improving skills such as crisis communications, decision-making, dealing with cognitive biases and disinformation, personal stress management, and more.


Learning modules play out in the Resilience Dojo platform, offering a memorable and  fun learning experience. Delegates can practice challenges based on real-life scenarios, and get immediate feedback on their decisions, based on the choices they’ve made.

The Learning Modules 


Crisis Communications

In this learning module, learners will be armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to respond to a cyber security crisis from a communications perspective.


Crisis Management 101

In this learning module, we will follow the journey of a small business establishing their first crisis management plan in the wake of a ransomware attack.

Business Meeting

Decision-Making in a Crisis

In this learning module, delegates will be representing the crisis management team of MoneyBank as it becomes the victim of a complex dis/misinformation attack.

Business Meeting

Crisis Management Awareness

In this learning module, we will follow the journey of an HR manager working with the Chief Information Officer designing a learning module for all staff and the leadership team...


The Psychology of Crisis Team Resilience

In this learning module, learners will be following a complex and pro-longed incident response process, narrated from the perspective of incident responder’s normal response to stress over time.

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