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Tried & Trusted Process

Resilience Dojo Exercising and
Learning Programme


We offer facilitated and self-paced Exercising and Learning modules for the wider crisis management team via our Resilience Dojo Platform. 

Exercising and Learning Programme

Corporate incident response teams are under tremendous pressure and stress. When a crisis hits, the incident response team is often the first line of defence. They are responsible for managing the situation, making decisions, and communicating with stakeholders, all while working under intense pressure. Every incident is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for training and exercising events.

The team must be able to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions to resolve any issue. Road-testing the decision-making process, managing stress and burnout, while also keeping a handle on the technical aspects of the incident, is a new skill within the realm of crisis teams.

Our Exercising and Learning Programme provides a safe environment for incident response teams to practice and refine their skills. We offer customised scenarios and provide real-time feedback to help teams identify areas for improvement.


Our program also includes training on stress management and decision-making under pressure, ensuring that your team is prepared to handle any crisis that comes their way.

MoneySafe Ransomware

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MoneySafe Bank is under attack! As a member of the Incident Response Team, it's up to you to team up with the Chief Information Security Officer to stop a malicious ransomware cyber attack from spreading and protect the bank's assets and reputation.


With potential risks looming and the possibility of the attack spreading to other parts of the business, it's a race against time to develop a plan of action to contain and mitigate the impact of the attack. Can you prevent the worst and save the day?

360 - Ransomware


Trusted Feeds, a food manufacturer becomes victim of a complex ransomware attack. This scenario was designed to develop an advanced understanding of various ransomware cases, and simulate a 360-degree overview of the different strategies a business may choose to apply, and their short, medium and long-term consequences.


As the company scrambles to recover its data and prevent further damage, they must navigate the dangerous world of cyber criminals and weigh the consequences of their actions. Will they make the right choices and come out on top, or will they fall victim to the ruthless attackers?

Olive Mill

SafeCom 2FA Fraud


In a world where cybercrime is on the rise, SafeCom finds themselves targeted by an advanced group of hackers. With access to their network signalling equipment, the stakes are high as local banks rely on SMS as a 2FA tool. Will SafeCom's technical team rise to the challenge and protect their clients' sensitive information?

As the hackers' attacks become more sophisticated, SafeCom's technical team must work tirelessly to identify vulnerabilities and patch them before it's too late. With time running out and the pressure mounting, tensions rise within the team as they race against the clock to prevent a catastrophic breach.

But the hackers are always one step ahead, and the team soon realises they are facing a foe unlike any they've encountered before. As the situation escalates, they must dig deep and find the courage and determination to face this challenge head-on.

Amazonia Water Company - OT / IT

In a world where security and monitoring are crucial to critical infrastructure, one breach threatens to bring down an entire system. Sit on the Board of Amazonia Water Company as they navigate the consequences of years of complacency. Will they be able to recover before it's too late? Find out in this thrilling use case scenario.

As the breach is discovered, chaos ensues as the IT and OT teams scramble to contain the damage. But with direct connections already established, the damage has already been done. The fate of the entire water supply rests in the hands of AWC's team as they race against the clock to identify the extent of the breach and restore normal operations.

As tensions rise and pressure mounts, the team must work together to find a solution before it's too late. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their way and save the day? Or will the breach prove to be too much for them to handle?

In this exciting use case scenario, witness the high-stakes battle between security and complacency. Can AWC recover from their mistake and prevent disaster? Don't miss out on this thrilling tale of technology and human error.


AWU Supply Chain

Water Tanks


In a world where cyber threats and internal supply chain challenges loom large, Amazonia Water Company struggles to navigate the complex landscape of cross-functional business understanding. It becomes clear that their survival hinges on a multi-faceted approach.


With a conflicted internal team and a vulnerable supply chain, Amazonia Water Company must fight tooth and nail to fend off attacks from every angle.

But as the stakes grow higher and the threats more dire, the company will be forced to confront difficult decisions and make sacrifices that could mean the difference between success and failure. Will Amazonia Water Company rise to the challenge and emerge stronger than ever, or will they fall victim to the powerful forces aligned against them?

Trusted Foods Safety

In a world where sustainability and corporate espionage collide, there's no telling what will happen next.


Could eco-warriors infiltrate the internal OT network? Who is behind the evolving attack at Trusted Feeds?

With the fate of the entire food supply chain at stake, it's up to the FMCG IR teams to step up and save the day. As the clock ticks down, tensions rise and the stakes get higher.


City of Londonia Police


In a world where cyber attacks are the new battlefield, the fate of nations rest on the shoulders of cyber security experts. And in the United Queendom, the threat of a devastating APT attack looms large. The capital city of Londonia is under attack, and chaos is spreading like wildfire.

As the new Head of Security Operations of the National Cyber Security Centre, you are tasked with stopping this attack before it's too late. You will need to use your expertise and quick thinking to react, respond, and mitigate a series of escalating cyber and cyber-physical threats. The clock is ticking, and the stakes have never been higher.

You will need to work with other experts, analyse the situation, and make quick decisions that will determine the fate of the nation. You will have to stay one step ahead of the attackers, who are determined to bring the United Queendom to its knees.

Are you ready to take on this challenge and become a hero in the fight against cyber terrorism? The fate of a nation rests in your hands.

Our Learning Modules will arm crisis  teams members with the right skills and knowledge they need to  effectively respond to a crisis, and work together as a team.  The Resilience Dojo Learning Modules aim at improving skills such as crisis communications, decision-making, dealing with cognitive biases and disinformation, personal stress management, and more.


Learning modules play out in the Resilience Dojo platform, offering a memorable and  fun learning experience. Delegates can practice challenges based on real-life scenarios, and get immediate feedback on their decisions, based on the choices they’ve made.

The Learning Modules 


Crisis Communications

This comprehensive learning module was formed in partnership with Eskenzi PR, to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively respond to a cybersecurity crisis from a PR and communications perspective.


Through this collaboration, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in crisis management in the cybersecurity industry, and develop a strong foundation in the communication strategies and techniques required to effectively manage such incidents.


By the end of the module, learners will have the confidence, expertise, and tools to respond to a cybersecurity crisis in a manner that protects their organization's reputation, while minimizing the impact of the crisis.

Business Meeting

Decision-Making in a Crisis

This learning module focuses on the importance of good decision-making in an organisation.


By using a common decision-making process, teams can communicate more easily, achieve better outcomes, and reduce stress. The module covers key terms and concepts and also discusses the factors that lead to good decision-making.


By the end of the training, learners will have a clear understanding of the decision-making process and the importance of following a common framework.

Stressed Man

Stress Management 

Crisis response teams face stress constantly, and are therefore under increased pressure to manage the stress levels of their team members.


By connecting team values, goals, and team behaviours to techniques to manage stress we foster a culture of openness and collaboration.  You and your team will learn a practical approach to become more resilient and perform more effectively in the face of pro-longed stress.

This course is inspired by the principles behind the a training approach, which has been proven to be useful in enhancing both individual and team performance of elite athletes, analog astronauts' training simulations, and emergency response teams.

Business Meeting

Crisis Management 101

The Incident Response 101 learning module is designed to help organisations develop their incident response capabilities and become more resilient in the face of cyber threats and other business disruptions.


Through a series of learning videos and simulations, participants will be introduced to the different stages, tools and best practices for crisis management.


By the end of this module, participants will have the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their organisation's incident response plan and playbooks and can start preparing for crisis situations that may arise.


“CyberFish are offering a novel solution in the cyber incident exercising and team building space. They have developed a unique methodology that helps organisations to become more resilient in the digital realm. We decided to try out their simulation exercise and found it beneficial for enhancing our cyber-security controls.”

Chief Technology Officer

Telecommunications Company

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