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AWU Supply Chain

Making Teams Crisis-Ready

The exercise takes participants back to Amazonia Water UK (AWU), which was recently acquired by a US energy company, as part of their ‘greening’ programme. Playing the previous AWU exercise is not prerequisite to understanding this game.


This exercise challenges cross-functional business understanding, and recognition of internal team / supply chain challenges from different perspectives. Participating will foster crossfunctional business understanding between teams and help to developing a shared language for crisis management decision-making and comms between IT and commercial teams.


Delegates will take the role of Board members at AWU and the objective of the exercise will be to arrive at mutually acceptable ways of co-operating and experiencing pressures from different perspectives revolving around a supply chain & contract breach.

Full Exercise: 4 hours (Facilitated)

Basic Challenges: 90 mins (Automated)


Supply Chain Partners and Different Organisational Units to Play Together

Recommended Delegates

Low to Medium

Technical Maturity Level

Cross-Functional Co-Operation, Regulatory Compliance (NIS, DWI, NIST), Crisis Comms, Decision-Making (Strategic and Tactical) & Business Implications

Competencies Exercised

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