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About Us

We are an eclectic team of social scientists, engineers, developers and cyber security experts applying our hard-won knowledge to see good people, who want to build society and jobs having an easier time, and criminals having a harder one.

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Our Team

Unique in the crisis management market, our team brings a powerful combination of skills, including organisational psychology, technology risk management, decision-making and cyber security. Many advisors are good at either the technical side of incident response, or the behavioural side of leadership and decision-making. Through our Exercising and Learning Platform, we do both, together, with expert knowledge from both sides. Our exercises have helped almost hundreds of industry leaders working in mission-critical teams across the globe to improve their team effectiveness, leading to improved decision-making and stakeholder communications.

Berta founded CyberFish in 2018 with the mission of helping cyber incident teams increase their effectiveness during crises by applying her expertise in organisational development and previous experience in managing cyber threat intel teams. 

She is based in Malta and the UK to manage client engagements, strategic partnerships, and complete accelerator programmes. Thinking up new products and implementing new learning experiences to address clients' pain points from the organisational psychology perspective is how Berta's expertise adds value to the CyberFish learning programmes.

Berta holds two Masters degrees, one in Social Sciences from the University of Linkoping and another in Neuroscience and Psychology from King’s College’s IOPPN. Her research interests include the dynamic between psychological flexibility, team cohesion and resilience.



John joined the team in 2020 as Technical Director, and manages the engineering team. He has spent many years developing technical capability, and managing engineering teams, within secure government, a small technology business, and the cyber division of a large defence prime. 

He values quality and reliability in products, allowing users and support staff to feel confident in their capabilities. His most valuable achievements have been building up teams and watching them achieve solutions to really hard problems, in a way that doesn't sacrifice quality.


As well as leading the CyberFish engineering team, John advises Judicial Commissioners in the UK on the possibilities and risks of police and security agency teams using the latest technology for investigations.  


Gayle joined the CyberFish engineering team in 2021, she is based in Malta. 

Her work focuses mainly on front end development and AWS infrastructure. She graduated from the University of Malta in 2021 with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Development, with Honours. 

Her research interests include UI/UX design, cyber security and cloud computing.



Joseph joined the CyberFish engineering team in 2021, and is also based in the Malta office. 

He is working mainly with software design and back end development of the CyberFish portals. Joseph graduated from the University of Malta in 2021 with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Development, with Honours. 

His research interests include usability testing and machine learning. 



Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board are trusted industry experts in areas we rely on to keep our business successful, and learning programmes current and evidence-based. Our advisors are our biggest supporters: industry experts, business leaders, law enforcement, research and military backgrounds, organisational and clinical psychologists. They ensure our methodology and solutions are always based on solid practical and evidence-based foundations. Chaired by Andy Williams, we are grateful to our advisors to help CyberFish management team define and deliver the company strategy, engage with key stakeholders and decision-makers to champion our learning platform and solutions to their network. 

Our Clients

We are proud to work with, and to be trusted by some of the most important crisis response teams across the UK and abroad: since our inception in 2018, we have delivered exercises and learning programmes for more than 500 cyber security decision-makers. 

Some of our Clients

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Our Values

Our company values drive everything we do, from recruiting our team members, to managing our people, developing our solutions, taking on new Clients, working together in partnership with them, and supporting our local communities.


The most important of these values are:

We are committed to honesty, fairness, and respect, amongst ourselves, with customers and prospects, partners, and even competitors. We are honest about what we can deliver to customers. By offering a scalable learning platform, we make our offering available also for small businesses, schools and local government customers in developing countries.

We embrace diversity in who we are, and how we think. We take great care not to discriminate on the basis of (or make unsupported assumptions about) gender, ethnicity, religion, or any other protected minority group attribute.

We love learning new things and we keep an open mind for different views: doing so helps us innovate. At the same time we make sure our solutions are based on pragmatic solutions and scientific evidence.

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