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Crisis Communications

Making Teams Crisis-Ready

In this learning module, learners will be armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to respond to a cyber security crisis from a communications perspective. The learning scenario takes part in the fictitious company of Alpha UK Ltd., an aluminum manufacturer. The learning module plays out as Alpha UK is experiencing a cyber attack.

Learners will improve their ability to communicate a clear and coherent message from a technology perspective to all stakeholders within the organization, while a crisis is enfolding. They will have to prepare statements to different stakeholder groups as the ransomware attack is enfolding at Alpha UK, listen to short videos from Eskenzi PR Founders Yvonne Eskenzi and Neil Stinchcombe, and practice their skills learned in subsequent challenges.

Learners will be preparing various pieces of key communications documents, and prepare to a press conference and boardroom briefing, where they will be expected to present the evolving situation clearly and accurately.

90 minutes (automated)


Crisis Communications Strategy, Golden Hour, Crafting and Wording of Statements, Frequently Asked Questions, Drafting Incident Update Checklists for the Crisis Comms Team, Board Briefings, Journalist and Press Conference Tips

Competencies Developed

Comms and Tech teams, Leadership, Small Businesses, Government

Recommended Learners

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