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Crisis Management Awareness

Making Teams Crisis-Ready

In this learning module, we will follow the journey of an HR manager working with the Chief Information Officer designing a learning module for all staff and the leadership team, that covers subjects around crisis management awareness. Together, they will be conducting an awareness and training needs assessment, design training resources for the two audiences, while including different tools, opensource information and learning resources. Challenges will include crafting messages for internal websites, wording newsletter templates for different audiences, memos from leadership, information packages for induction training, surveys and success factors to measure training effectiveness.

90 minutes (automated)


Importance of Crisis Management Awareness and Training, Preparing Training Materials, Crafting Messages for Colleagues and Leadership Teams

Competencies Developed

Small Businesses, organisations preparing to get an ISO 27001 / 22301 certification, cyber security awareness professionals, HR and organizational development professionals

Recommended Delegates

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