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Business Meeting

Decision-Making in a Crisis

Making Teams Crisis-Ready

In this learning module, delegates will be representing the crisis management team of MoneyBank as it becomes the victim of a complex dis/misinformation attack. The incident involves the deliberate spread across social media of both mis (misleading) and disinformation (deliberately incorrect) which is a coordinated effort to undermine the reputation of the bank, damage its reputation and undermine the legitimacy of its CEO.

Learners will discern the nature of the incident, who was responsible, which stakeholders within the company need to be involved in the response, along with helping to coordinate an accurate and factual response to the incident, based on the facts discovered from the investigation, and in an effort to mitigate the damage to the organization’s share price and the associated public relations damage.

90 minutes (automated)


RESIST 2 Counter-Disinformation Framework, Strategic and Tactical Decision-Making, Internal Stakeholder Communications, Writing Briefs for the Executive Team (Gold and Silver) and Liaising with Law Enforcement

Competencies Developed

Crisis Management Team Members, Supply Chain,
Small Businesses, Global Teams

Recommended Delegates

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