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Moneysafe Bank

MoneySafe Ransomware

Making Teams Crisis-Ready

This scenario focuses on the experience of MoneySafe Bank, as it is targeted by a developing malicious ransomware cyber attack. The attack impacts the investment banking branch first before spreading to the retail and corporate parts of the business.


Playing the scenario, delegates will be addressing a number of events and will be taken through technical, organisational and professional challenges. Players will take on the role of the Bank’s Incident Response Team.


They will be expected to make key assessments, decisions and recommendations over the course of the incidents as the attack intensifies across the Bank, managing the demands of the panicked clients, the public and media, financial regulators and data protection authorities, investigatory authorities and international information-sharing networks among other challenges.

Full Exercise: 4 hours (Facilitated)

Basic Challenges: 90 mins (Automated)


Crisis Management Teams and Comms Teams


Recommended Delegates


Technical Maturity Level

IR process (NIST), Data Protection (GDPR),
Ransomware Playbooks, Crisis Communications,
Debriefing Senior Stakeholders and Media

Competencies Exercised

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