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SafeCom 2FA Fraud

Making Teams Crisis-Ready

The scenario is set in a fictitious country, Ambrosia, where SafeCom are the main telecommunications provider. Safecom recently became majority-owned by a global telco, headquartered in Denver, Americas. This scenario’s challenges focus on the experience of SafeCom as it is targeted by an advanced cybercrime group: they have managed to get access to a part of the carrier’s network signalling equipment.

The local banks in Ambrosia rely on SMS as a 2FA tool in their security processes... Delegates will take on the role of SafeCom’s Board (minus an absent CEO). The technical challenges are amplified by widely publicised news of cyber crime nearly claiming the life of Amina, a local restaurant owner in Ambrosia, who is claiming that she had been a
victim of banking fraud...

Full Exercise: 4 hours (Facilitated)

Basic Challenges: 90 mins (Automated)


Financial Services and Telco

Recommended Delegates

Medium to High

Technical Maturity Level

IR process, Supply Chain (NIST), Leadership, Crisis Comms, Statements, Regulatory Issues, Decision Making, Business & Societal Impact of Cyber Attacks

Competencies Exercised

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