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Cyber Psychology and Strategic Relationships

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Cyber Security and R&D

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Cyber Attitudes Assessment (CAA)

We help you map the personality traits of your employees that can lead to human error and through a heat map, enhance the visibility of your cyber risk exposure.

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Behaviourist Assisted Wargaming Exercises

In our scenario driven, interactive workshops we challenge participants to work together as a team and experiment with different data breach scenarios.

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Get Involved

Get Involved
The CyberFish currently carries out research into the following cyber psychology subjects:

- Improving the on-line lives of individuals with a view to neurodiversity

- Understanding behavioural traits that could expose individuals become on-line victims

- Strategies to address on-line / tech addiction

If you would like to be involved in any of our research, please get in touch with The CyberFish by sending us a brief description of your interest.

For career and internship opportunities please submit a short summary of your background and interests.
The CyberFish welcomes applications from candidates with different identities and thinking styles.

The CyberFish Cyberpsychology Survey

Have your say about Cyberpscyhology

The objective of our survey is to understand how organisations currently interpret human behaviour as cyber risk and use different cyberpsychology principles and methodologies to assess and manage this unique aspect of risk.