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Welcome to CyberFish

Making Teams Crisis - Ready

Through the Resilience Dojo Incident Exercising and Learning Platform


We help businesses and government teams prepare to better handle business disruptions, by improving effectiveness and resilience of crisis management teams.


We Build Human Resilience

Designing crisis management plans and playbooks is a good start to building a business continuity programme. What comes after having written that plan, however, often gets neglected.

Time will tell how people work together when a crisis strikes: you can build and test your tech defences, but do you know how your crisis team members will work together, when the pressure is high?

We Prepare Your Crisis Team

Our mission is to help our clients prepare to better handle business disruptions, like cyber incidents. We do this by running incident simulation exercises with them, analysing their responses and team dynamics under stress, and selecting the most suitable learning modules for them to make improvements.

Exercising & Learning Programme was created by our interdisciplinary team. All our scenarios and learning modules are based on the expertise of our team members, and informed by the latest research in organisational psychology, good practice in risk management and crisis communications.

We have built our immersive exercise scenarios and learning modules for various target audiences, helping you arm your team members with the necessary knowledge and skills they need to have to manage a crisis effectively. 



“CyberFish are offering a novel solution in the cyber incident exercising and team building space. They have developed a unique methodology that helps organisations to become more resilient in the digital realm. We decided to try out their simulation exercise and found it beneficial for enhancing our cyber-security controls”

Chief Technology Officer

Telecommunications Company

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