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Welcome to CyberFish

Making Teams Crisis - Ready

Through the Resilience Dojo Incident Exercising and Learning Platform


We help businesses and government teams prepare to better handle business disruptions, by improving effectiveness and resilience of crisis management teams.

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Incident simulations that stress-test difficult decision scenarios are a good way of assessing your incident response team’s readiness to respond to worst-case scenarios the business may face, such as:
a successful ransomware attack, managing internal and external stakeholder interests, and communicating difficult messages to clients, suppliers, and the wider public.

We help you design and deliver these simulations, at scale.


We Prepare Your Crisis Team

CyberFish designs and delivers crisis simulations that are designed by cyber security risk management, organisational psychology and neuroscience experts to create the necessary level of detail, but also, the right level of ambiguity your teams need to simulate stressful events effectively.

Exercising & Learning Programme was created by our interdisciplinary team. 

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“CyberFish are offering a novel solution in the cyber incident exercising and team building space. They have developed a unique methodology that helps organisations to become more resilient in the digital realm. We decided to try out their simulation exercise and found it beneficial for enhancing our cyber-security controls.”

Chief Technology Officer

Telecommunications Company

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