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The CyberFish Company conducts research and delivers solutions that manage organisational exposure to digital risk resulting from human behaviour. Our Cyber Attitudes Assessment is a pioneering on-line tool that is the first psychometric assessment on a global basis to measure the 32 personality traits and behaviours, which our research has shown to have a direct or indirect influence towards information security risk and organisational resiliency. The assessment is used with clients globally to support recruitment, development and cyber security user awareness education initiatives. Our wargaming simulation playbooks and bespoke role play exercises help organisations stress test their leadership and incident response team’s dynamics in a crisis scenario. The CyberFish Company research and bespoke assessment solutions improve the overall resiliency of organisations to digital risk.

As part of the NCSC's Cyber Accelerator programme, our product is shaped and influenced by experts.

Human behaviour and cyber risk

Digital Behaviour Assessments

Malicious adversaries and targeted attacks are not the be-all and end-all of digital risk. Human errors present critical vulnerabilities in enterprise defences, often exposing systems without being attacked. Unfortunately, our senses, perception and critical judgment that work so well in real life often fail us on-line. Our behaviours and the consequences of our actions change drastically on-line and when we are under stress. In critical on-line situations, our common sense - honed on the real life - often fails. Certain attitudes and behaviours can expose us to direct or indirect digital risk, often without us being aware of even facing any risk at all. It is a societal requirement to help people to adapt their intelligence to become better designed to thrive in real-time, on-line environments.

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