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CF Malta supports MCAST HackSpace Challenge 2022 @ the newly opened MCAST Resource Centre

Working with Robert Abela, and Chris Farrugia Senior Lecturers at the Institute of ICT at MCAST, we have played a cyber incident sim with students from MCAST IICT, who were interested in cybersecurity both from a practical and a research angle.

CyberFish and MCAST technical experts Robert and Chris have facilitated the event's first session, based on a learning scenario playing out at a fictitious bank. Playing the scenario, students addressed the challenge of a DDOS and ransomware attack enfolding, by considering the technical, organisational, and regulatory challenges involved. The game was a learning process, as students had to make key assessments, decisions, and recommendations to manage the demands of the panicked clients, the public and media, financial regulators and data protection authorities, investigatory authorities, and international information-sharing networks among other challenges!

We are excited about collaborating with MCAST, and the HackSpace team. We plan to strengthen this relationship even further in the near future, through joint research projects and apprenticeship placements.

The second session was more technical and saw representatives from Cyber Security Centre of Malta ( and MITA. Cyber security experts walked students through the process of identifying and investigating malware using real-world examples that they could encounter during their work.

The two sessions were followed by an introduction to the National Cyber Security Challenge Qualifier, where students learned what the challenge entailed and what was required to take part. They were introduced to the Hacking-Lab Cyber Range where they can carry out hacking challenges in preparation for the European Cyber Security Challenge in Vienna, to take place in September 2022.

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