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CF wins €400,000 non-dilutive Malta Enterprise funding to start Engineering Division in Malta

With the assistance of Malta Enterprise's Start-Up Finance Soft Loan and Business Development and Continuity Scheme Grants, CyberFish UK helped fund the establishment of CyberFish Malta in July 2021.

The Maltese Government's objective to attract foreign investment and start-up companies to further build local infrastructure and skills needed to support AI and big data excellence combined with Malta’s skilled workforce with a reputation for problem-solving and creativity made the island a stellar destination for CyberFish to build our Engineering base in Malta.

Our CEO has relocated to Malta and started the operations of the business in July 2021. By October we have recruited 3 software developers. The engineering team have started to build our technology platform based on CyberFish UK specifications, including the addition of data-led services, and self-service courses. The business has started building important stakeholder relationships including business development and is currently developing a pipeline of clients in Malta.

In Malta our business objective is to grow our operations by focusing on Engineering, hiring a team of developers and integrating all our outsourced functions into our own proprietary technology platform. Doing so will allow us to offer automated services such as Self-Service Assessment, Self-Service Exercise, and a Learning Management System. By introducing AI/ML technologies we will improve our platform performance via automation and procedural game design, we will be able to augment the data feed to assessments, creating unique learning paths and solutions. By having a more versatile product offering, will be able to serve our customers better.

We are excited about collaborating with the growing local cyber innovation ecosystem in Malta, solving complex digital challenges faced by the global economy and benefitting society. Driving innovation in cyber resilience we aim to deliver value to various industry segments, growing startups, partnering with scale-ups, building new research project horizons with academics, serving government and industry helping them build and protect society, and useful services.

As a business, it is clear that the Maltese investment will accelerate our growth, technology development and innovation. By building the right engineering team structure and embedding innovation required to launch and scale our platform confidently on local and international markets our long-term objective is to become a leading global digital crisis management exercising and learning solutions provider.

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