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CyberFish and QA announces partnership agreement

Building psychological resilience and team cohesion for crisis response

QA, the leader in IT and business skills training, is pleased to announce a partnership with CyberFish, a leader in Cyberpsychology solutions.

Based on cutting edge research, the CyberFish service portfolio allows organisations to integrate solutions across their human resources and cyber security processes. Together, CyberFish and QA will provide market leading training solutions from employee awareness through to behaviour assisted incident response. This offering will enhance QA’s already comprehensive cyber security learning solutions portfolio.

Richard Beck, Director of Cyber at QA, said:

"We are very excited to welcome CyberFish into our cyber community as a trusted business partner. CyberFish provide an innovative approach to addressing the human side of the cyber security risk. QA and CyberFish will be collaborating together to accelerate the exposure and launch of a world leading suite of cyberpsychology services to our customer base."

Berta Pappenheim, CEO of CyberFish, adds:

"In the process of building our comprehensive cyberpsychology solutions portfolio with QA, our first offering are the sector specific Cyberpsychologist Assisted Wargaming Exercises, held in QA’s CyberLabs. We find that these are increasingly popular with CIR and business continuity teams. Based on feedback from our participants these events add value because our individual reports are able to contribute with information that could not be captured in a typical red teaming/CTF setting. We are able to offer a safe environment to experiment with different behaviours, we accommodate non-technical participants to play along in multidisciplinary teams. As a result we are able to uncover blind spots and strategies that can enhance organisational response."

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